Fashion Feature: Sultana Lodin

Fashion Feature: Sultana Lodin

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Fashion Designer: Sultana Lodin

At two months old, Sultana Lodin moved with her family out of Pakistan and to the Bay Area. First, to San Francisco, then to Hayward where she grew up. Following her passion, she later moved to LA to study fashion. Now back in the bay area, Sultana designs a clothing line called SuLo (from the first two letters of her first and last name) in hopes of bringing her two worlds together through the unspoken language of art and fashion.

Helium: What does fashion mean to you?

Sultana Lodin: Using your creativitiy to bring artwork and sketches to life.

H: How did SuLo clothing get started? How long has SuLo been establish?

S: Su-Lo got started one and a half years go, although I had been in the industry for four years. I had always been into fashion and wanted to incorporate my heritage to show its beauty.

H: Who do you imagine wearing SuLo Clothing?

S: I see youth wearing it, and anybody who wants meaningful clothing at any age

H: How does SuLo represent San Jose and the Bay Area?

S: There is Little Kobul in Fremont, named after a town in Afghanistan, so I knew I would have a strong community of support here.

H: What was your inspiration for this line (the A Collection)?

S: Afghanistan. It represents my identity and each t-shirt has a story: from poets, to artists, to maps.

H: What makes the A Collection different from your other collections?

S: This line is inspired from Afghanistan, whereas my Peace Collection is to show that we should be peaceful, and includes peace signs and phrases displayed in the Farsi language.

H: Where can people purchase your clothing?

S: I am working into boutiques up North, then hope to expand.”

H: What is your ultimate goal for SuLo?

S: Do a collection where profits of the clothing will go to Afganistan.

As she spoke with enthusiasm and great pride, Sultana explained that her clothing line shows the people of the beautiful culture of Afghanistan. Included in her collection, are large and dangling jewelry mostly made of metals such as silver. Headpieces give a unique and cultural feel that is not often found. Her meaningful designs bring the two worlds she comes from together and highlight the diversity of the Bay Area.

Interview by Jenn Elias.


Clifford Grodin – Photographer
Tim Walker – Photographer
Jack Husting – Photographer & Art Director
Monica Colvin – Lighting Technician
Esther Au – Hair and Makeup
Jasmine Duarte – Fashion Director
Daniel Orth – model
Jennifer Giles – model
Shantall Prado – model
Mercedes Cruz – assistant
Cherelle Cruz – assistant
Jenn Elias – assistant
Matthew Mountford – Event Manager

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2 Responses to “Fashion Feature: Sultana Lodin”

  1. S says:

    WOW!!! Her collection is amazing and incredibly beautiful!! The work Sultana is doing, by incorporating her culture in to fashion will change future fashion forever, and give more in-depth meaning to what people are wearing. Amazing work, I wish you all the best in the future. Inshallah your dreams come true and you inspire the world with your work.

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