Fashion Feature: Amy Romaine

Fashion Feature: Amy Romaine


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Line: Never Gets Old
Designer: Amy Romaine

Shoot Location: San Jose Skate

Never Gets Old

Since high school, Amy Romaine has been thrift store shopping and getting pieces that at first might look old and out dated, but after some re-sizing, re-sewing and some modern touches to them, become new one-of-a-kind pieces. For the past two years Amy started designing under the name Never Gets Old. Her line is the perfect example of how fun it is to be a girl. Her 2009 summer collection inspired by swimsuits of the 1930’s is filled with fun patterns that give every girl more of a reason to enjoy this wonderful California weather.

Helium Magazine: What does fashion mean to you?

Amy Romaine: Fashion to me is how you convey yourself to people; you can make a statement with what you wear. When you feel confident and comfortable you can convey that to people. You dress how you want people to view you. Fashion, overall is an artistic outlet.

HM: How did Never Gets Old get started and how long has it been establish?

AR: It got started with my love for making clothes and constant love for fashion. My mom is a die-heart thrift shopper and at these consignment and thrift stores I would get [these older vintage pieces] and re-size them and re-vamp them; to give them this modern newer look.  My mom came up with the name “Never Gets Old” and it has been my label for two and half years. But, since I was a sophomore [in high school], I’ve been re-vamping and sewing my own clothes.

HM: Who do you imagine wearing Never Gets Old?

AR: Everyone in the world!! I think Lindsay Lohan is fun and she could carry it well. Overall, girls who are not afraid to explore and take fashion related risks. Girls not afraid of anything and they just have fun with [fashion and style] and are easy going.

HM: How does Never Gets Old represent San Jose and the Bay Area?

AR: Well the coldest it gets here is what, like 40 degrees, sometimes not even that. In Connecticut it gets super cold and I love to design summer dresses and rompers; so living in California I have so much fun with this weather.

HM: What was your inspiration for this line?

AR: Oh this is fun, I was looking at swimsuits from 30’s and they were modest tankinis. Women back then didn’t show a lot of skin but were still so feminine and pretty, but modest at the same time. In the 60’s my mom used to wear one-piece bathing suits as an outfit with heels. She was a wild child.  At the same time, I knew ropers were going to be a big thing because they are so much fun.

HM: Where can people purchase your clothing?

AR: At Pink Stripe Boutique, located at Santana Row.

HM: What is your ultimate goal for Never Gets Old?

AR: It would be awesome to find a manufacture and use that as a resource, but at the same time still be able to give each piece that personal, original touch. But as of right now, I would love to work for Free People, in their design house. I’m using Never Gets Old to build up my portfolio and hopefully land an internship with them.

So for any and all girls out there who love to shop vintage, or even retro, but are worried about looking out dated; don’t freak out! Amy has your back and looking confident, girly and fashion forward Never Gets Old.

Interview by Jasmine Duarte


Andrea Henneman – Photographer
Tim Walker – Retouching
Cliff Grodin – Lighting Technician
Kelly Tanimura - model
Tommy Henneman – model
Esther Au – Makeup & Hair Styling
Jennifer Giles – Model Coordinator
Jennifer Elias – Fashion Aide

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