CFS: An Epic Event for an Amazing Cause

CFS: An Epic Event for an Amazing Cause

The “Largest Fashion Show on the West Coast” delivered a stellar performance over the weekend as designers and devoted students joined together under one tent for a night of charity which benefited Bay Area’s micro-finance non-profit Kiva.  The 140,000 square foot tent in Stanford was the platform for over twenty-five designers to flaunt new pieces.  Fans of Jimmy Century opened the show, rocking an energetic mini-concert, and set the mood on fire for the rest of the evening.  Here are just a few of the astonishing highlights that were captured at this year’s Charity Fashion Show.


Shai White & Eugenia V Sokolova wearing Tosca Soraya


Tosca Soraya’s entire Hardscore Debut Collection opened CFS, and her Dutch influence brought over contrast of futuristic fabrics and cutlines.  Croquet embellishments unexpectedly assembled with geometric black-and-white patterns to bring a dramatic, yet passionate appeal.  Bodysuits became the palette for Tosca Soraya’s striking hand-crafted nylon jackets and the collection wasn’t without an explosion of color.

This stand out dress looked stunning as it flowed down the runway.  Dramatic choice of fabric and flattering structure in the top portion truly showed off Tosca’s inspiration.


Shin Choi

Unoma 'Nomis' Okolo wearing Shin Choi


Shin Choi’s ready-to-wear line took a refreshing approach down the walkway.  Simple, yet sophisticated jumpsuits and separates made their way, never compromising Shin Choi’s vision of timeless appeal.  Vibrant-colored leotards added just the right touch to compliment the functionality of each piece in her practical collection.

Shai White wearing Magdalena Trever

Magdalena Trevor

Magdalena Trevor’s charismatic two-piece bathing suits caught the eyes and attention of onlookers at CFS.  Most pieces were made out of croquet with the exception of a few, including a black and white sequin suit and a cowboy-inspired bathing suit that was outlined with pearls and leather frill.

Each piece was distinctive, as shades of green, orange, blue, and red paraded down the runway without ever making for a dull moment.

This romantic forest green bathing suit outlined with frilly lace captured the innocence of Magdalena’s collection.

Detailed croquet sarongs and lacy-detailed wrist gloves completed the look for some styles.


Swati Couture

Shai White wearing Swati Couture


Swati Couture’s Indian Fusion was exemplified as each piece that made it down the runway  was more gorgeous than the last.

Pieces included a traditional, yet modern looking peach and teal sari, a green and gold paisley ankle-length dress, and two detailed pewter gowns.

One of the collection’s highlights included this majestic red and gold-embellished gown.

Words cannot describe the exact detail and stunning design that went into each of  Swati’s high fashion pieces.

(Swati Couture’s Goddess Collection is featured in Helium Magazine’s Elemental issue)



Aksel Paris

Daniel Orth & Taylor Jackson wearing Aksel Paris


Aksel Paris was definitely the show stopper and onlookers were delighted to see the flirty girl/boy skits that played out at the halfway mark of CFS’ diamond shaped runaway.

Aksel Paris’ ’smart, sexy shirts’ were just that, and the boxers and tights served just as a decoy for the European-tailored shirts that featured designer Yazid Aksas’ signature three-inch collars and statement-making cuffs.


Kent Denim

Kent Denim showcased their Spring/Summer 2011 line at CFS this year and the theme was ‘bike messengers of the Serengeti,’

Kiyan Williams wearing Kent Denim

according to an earlier Helium Interview with designer Noah Landis.

Urban aesthetics trotting down the runway included slim and relaxed-fit dark blue and black jeans, short sleeved casual button-up shirts, and modern tees and tanks.

These minimally-styled jeans paired with an everyday-looked red-and-blue checkered button-up shirt showed off Kent Denim’s effortless and realistic line.


Danielle Pettee

DeAnna Francine Maile Basques wearing Danielle Pettee


Danielle Pettee ended the show with her collection she’s calling ‘the goodwill of fabric.’

Romance walked down the runway as Danielle Pettee’s  floral tulle, leather detailing, and crochet detailing added to her custom-made dresses.

This dress made out of black leather and chiffon showed off the designer’s romantic approach.

Other designers at the show included Civil Society, Clutch Couture, Eva Franco, Future Faces of Fashion, Kitty Andrews, Aiko Designs, Alexandria von Bromssen Design, WDesigns, Karen Lum, Nanette Lepore, & Lenny

By Amanda Holst

All photography courtesy of Jack Husting

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