Bathing suit season is here!

Bathing suit season is here!

Bathing suit season is here and deciding what bathing suit to buy can be frustrating if you are unsure which one is most flattering on you.  Comfort, coverage, and perception may all come into play for the perfect bathing suit but first you need to consider your body type.   Before you take the plunge consider these flattering looks for your body type.


Wide hips and busts describe your body type, you lucky lady.  A narrow waist finishes off the final detail to your hourglass figure and Marilyn Monroe, the late Sophia Lauren, and Scarlet Johansson all share your desired silhouette, making just about any traditional bathing suit flatter your shape.  Pick a simple halter maillot style and try a print at the bust if you are looking to highlight your bust line.


It’s awkward to compare your body type to a fruit, but anyone who has this shape can relate to the larger hips, smaller shoulders, and a larger waist-to-shoulder ratio that comes with this type.  Giving off the illusion of a waistline is the key operative for this bathing suit mission and the pear shaped body would bode well with a one-piece tummy control.



Halter or triangle-shaped bikini tops will enhance any small-busted dilemma.  Padding or frills can add fullness to your bust line, while the skinny tube-top bandeau style can add comfort and confidence.


Another comparison to a fruit, the apple body frame has small hips to go with her broad shoulders.  Finding ways to slim your abdomen by investing in tankinis or skirtinis might be a good option for you.  Look for a suit that is cut straight across the middle and try to mismatch solids and patterns to give off a more balanced look.


Is your bottom bigger than your top half?  If this is the case, proportioning the two halves is the solution.  The goal here is to minimize your hips and thighs.  Tame those curves by trying a tankini that is longer than usual and pair it with a skirt bottom.  Boy shorts are also a great way to flatter a full-bottomed body type.



You may struggle for curves and a bust line, but that doesn’t mean you can’t flatter your boyish figure.  Creating curves and a feminine look will break up the monogamy of your shoulders, waist, and hips.  Pick tops that have ruffles or go with a halter top, which enhances your bust line.  Boy shorts or bottoms with ties on the side can also give off a curvier you.

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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