Profile: Aubrey Rinehart wearing San Francisco Shirt Company

Profile: Aubrey Rinehart wearing San Francisco Shirt Company

Aubrey Rinehart is one girl who “gets around” in the best way possible. In just the past year, her classy lithe frame has graced the runways of West Valley’s Revival Fashion Show, Santana Row’s Summer Poolside Soiree, Helium’s Blue Launch Event, San Francisco Chic Fashion Week, and last month’s SNOW 2 with the San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Network featuring some of the Bay Area’s top couture designers. She’s also muse to famed choreographer Charleston Pierce who instilled in her the walk of a goddess.

Helium Magazine recently sat down with Ms. Rinehart to talk about her experiences modeling and her favorite looks from the San Francisco Shirt Company.

Age: 25
Birthdate: February 7 (Aquarius)
Height: 5′11″
Ethnic Origin: Chinese/European
Hometown: San Jose, CA

Helium Magazine: Do you have a philosophy in life? What drives you to do modeling?

Aubrey Rinehart: I believe you need to live in the moment because life is a journey and not a destination. I think that’s what fashion is all about; looking and feeling exquisite today. When I realized that was my meaning of life, I understood that I had to be strong and go after what I wanted. I had to dare to stand out and be bold.

HM: How has working with Charleston Pierce influenced you?

AR: If there’s one man who knows how to stand out, it’s him. I really gained a lot from his walking classes and it was great working with him for San Francisco Chic Fashion Week which won Best Fashion Show of the year at the Bay Area Fashion Awards.

HM: How would you define your style in life?

AR: It really depends on my mood that day; something that blends with my personality and makes me stand out. There’s always something to be said for sophistication. I think being half Chinese and half European is really the inspiration behind that.

HM: What are you favorite looks and things to wear?

AR: I’ve had the luxury of wearing some of the best clothes in the Bay Area, but when I was modeling for the Santana Row Poolside Soiree last summer I got to see some of the looks coming to the San Francisco Shirt Company. They were intricate and sophisticated; they stood out above everything else in the show. I knew that when Helium told me I could choose what I wanted to wear for my profile shoot, it had to be new looks from their store.


Story & Photography by Matthew Mountford
Interview by Tyler Do
Styling by Renata Gar
Hair Styling by Jade Deveruturda from Umbrella Salon
Makeup by Marina Petrenko
Shoot Direction by Khiem Hoang

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